Talk at SMB on computational psychiatry

I’m giving a talk at the Society for Mathematical Biology meeting in Atlanta, GA, on July 1, as part of the workshop on “Mathematical Modeling in Psychiatry”. My title is: Modeling Neural Circuit Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: Toward Computational Psychiatry. My abstract is below:

Mechanistic understanding of mental disorders is limited by the stark explanatory gap between levels of analysis: disease-related mechanisms occur at the level of neurons and synapses, whereas symptoms occur at the level of cognition and behavior. I will present a framework to use computational modeling of neural circuits to probe how synaptic disruptions implicated in psychiatric diseases can induce alterations in cognition and large-scale neural network dynamics. In particular, I will discuss recent studies exploring the effects of disruption in the synaptic balance between excitation and inhibition, which is a leading hypothesis for cortical circuit dysfunction in schizophrenia. Predictions from the neural circuit models using cognitive behavior and functional neuroimaging from patients with schizophrenia.